Zenbase Premium

$4.99/mo. or free with rewards.

Zenbase Premium

Today is a beautiful day to take care of yourself.


More Crypto

Zenbase Premium is the ultimate meditation-crypto rewards package on the market. Earn twice as much just for meditating and developing your wellness regimen.


No Ads

If watching Ads isn’t your style, we understand. Ads can be painful to sit through. Banish Ads from your wellness experience with Zenbase Premium.

Meditate With Friends

Earn With Friends

Friends are important, especially ones you can grow with. You can meditate with friends for free on Zenbase. Earn even more together with Zenbase Premium.



Send your earnings to a crypto wallet of your choice or trade them. Zentoken will be available on your favorite exchanges. Trade your Zentoken for USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more.