Meditate for free forever.



Engage with our wellness catalog for a minimum of 5 minutes to earn crypto! You are rewarded 70% and creatives get 30% of the Zentoken (ZENT) generated from the session. To learn more read this article or visit our White Paper.

Zentoken (ZENT) is an off-chain point system acclaimed in the app for completing wellness activities. ZENT can be redeemed for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based assets such as NFTs, wellness products, gift cards and can also be donated to charities. To learn more read our White Paper. To learn more read our White Paper.

You can use the app for as long as you’d like, but Zenbase has an earning limit of 1 hour per day. Additionally, if you exit the app while streaming or turn the volume lower than 10% your earning period pauses.

We know you’re clever and want to earn ZENT! That’s why we don’t let you exit the app while you’re listening. Pesky feature, begone! Zenbase Premium greatly enhances the user experience of the app and adds exciting new ways to earn.

Zenbase includes Ads when you open the app and before your first wellness activity. This to cover costs as our company is still young. But Ads and meditation don’t mix well, so we’ll be partnering with brands and health insurance companies to get rid of Ads forever. Zenbase Premium comes at a price-point of $4.99 (or free with earned ZENT) and offers the ability to opt-out of advertisements.

Zenbase is made for anyone looking to improve themselves and diversify their portfolios. Those who wish to advance their wellness regimen or investment thesis, or experience either one for the first time are welcome. Most importantly, Zenbase benefits communities, cities and the world by exhorting individuals to reach their full potential.

Anyone can share their wellness content on Zenbase and earn rewards. To learn more about the type of content we accept read our Content Requirements and Guidelines. To begin sharing, visit our Upload Portal.