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Users need to engage with the wellness content for a minimum of 5 minutes before cryptocurrency rewards are triggered. When mining with Zenbase, users are rewarded 70% and producers 30% of the Zentoken (ZENT) generated from the interaction. Zentoken is also rewarded to users who view advertisements. To maximize earnings, one may choose to view the maximum number of advertisements, in which they will be rewarded 10% more. To learn more read this article or visit our White Paper.

The first iteration of Zentoken will be an in-app digital currency (think in-game currency) that is redeemable for Zenbase Premium within the Zenbase app. In later iterations, Zentoken will be built on the Polygon blockchain and will be useable in our fully-developed in-app ecosystem. In this referenced ecosystem Zenbase users can tip creators, buy wellness products, redeem for gift cards and turn their published content into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To learn more read our White Paper.

We appreciate your cleverness! Zenbase has an earning limit of 3 hours per day. There is a Netflix-style nudge after the 1-hour mark that makes sure the user is still attentive. Additionally, if the user exits out of the wellness content the earning period pauses.

We include advertisements to provide the best free mental wealth service possible. Instead of relying on high subscription costs Zenbase is taking a creative approach that respects its user base. Users are paid 10% more for supporting us through their time viewing advertisements and can select how many they wish to view. Zenbase Premium comes at a price-point of $4.99 (or free with earned ZENT) and offers more ZENT-rewarding powers as well as the ability to opt-out of advertisements.

Zenbase is made for anyone looking to improve themselves and diversify their portfolios. Those who wish to advance their wellness regimen or investment thesis, or experience either one for the first time are welcome. Most importantly, Zenbase benefits communities, cities and the world by exhorting individuals to reach their full potential.