Meditate and Earn Zentoken
Connor Chase CEO Founder and Head of Design of Zenbase

Meditation and Wellness


How Zenbase Works

Zenbase is the first cryptocurrency rewards platform for meditation and mindfulness. Our free mindfulness hub provides users the opportunity to expand their portfolio as Zentoken (ZENT) owners and opens access to all wellness practices. The Zenbase platform lets sound producers provide meditation content to the platform. When a user engages with the content for a minimum of 5 minutes, the user and the producer will both receive payment in tokens. When mining with Zenbase, users are rewarded 70% and producers 30% of the ZENT generated from the interaction.

The Zenbase platform tracks users’ time spent meditating to determine the ZENT token amount they will be awarded. The platform’s algorithm increases the difficulty in earning tokens as users’ total meditation increases. This, just like Bitcoin’s halving event, creates an indefinite number of coins that users can earn even with a capped supply of 21 million tokens. This algorithm makes the token deflationary, so that demand for the token increases with time as supply decreases. Notably, joining early presents listeners and investors with a lower level of difficulty in mining tokens as the cumulative listening time is still low. Users who earn ZENT tokens benefit from the utility of the token in the Zenbase ecosystem described below.


More About Zentoken

The first iteration of Zentoken will be an in-app digital currency (think in-game currency) that is redeemable for Zenbase Premium within the Zenbase app. In later iterations, Zentoken will be built on the Polygon blockchain and will be useable in our fully-developed in-app ecosystem: the Zenverse. In the Zenverse, users will have the ability to trade Zentoken for other cryptocurrencies via third-party exchanges, redeem for wellness products, gift cards and much more. The Polygon blockchain will power Zentoken to offer an excellent user experience to all listeners. Zentoken will run laterally with Ethereum and at one point may opt to become an ERC-20 token itself.



Zenbase is creating a profitable meditation platform that revolves around a cryptocurrency rewards system and respects our user base. Our target market of forward-thinking cryptocurrency enthusiasts is looking for an outlet to improve themselves and diversify their portfolios. We strive to make wellness a baseline norm with the help of consciousness-assisted technology. Our product offering is based upon meditation using audio and visual content provided over computers and mobile devices. Engaging with the content over short and longer periods of time triggers cryptocurrency rewards. But don’t forget to meditate with your friends! For our exclusive Zenbase Premium members, enjoy the benefit of double the rewards for meditating with friends.

Why Zenbase?

Zenbase was created with one goal in mind: to improve the world. According to Michael Beckwith in his series on the Gaia streaming service, Transcendence (2018-2020), those who are in a meditative state are both 400% more creative and better at making analytical decisions. Zenbase encourages everyone to find a wellness regimen that works for them. Meditate for free forever and get cryptocurrency rewards with Zenbase.