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Zenbase Culture+

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Zenbase Premium Is The Ultimate Meditation Crypto Earning Package

Purpose over profit

Free for Business.

Free for Employees.

Premium Features at $99/mo.

Zenbase offers free and paid business plans. See which one is right for your organization.

Calm and Headspace. Too Pricey.

Becomes expensive quickly

Charge Per Employee.

Costly to Add or Change.

50% Dropout Rate With Calm.

Calm and Headspace aren’t sticky and charge per employee (whether your employees use them or not).

Calm and Headspace Charge Per Employee

Backed by Workplace Science.

76% missed fewer workdays 120% rose their productivity levels 81% reported less stress 53% say mindfulness is essential 23% reported more compassion 78% resist sunk-cost bias

Employee Mindfulness for Less

How It Works.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise


We accept PayPal and major credit cards. Cancel your plan at any time before the next billing cycle.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise

Send team details

Send us your team and we’ll take care of the rest! Accounts will be created for your entire organization.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise

Give to your team 

Give your team the gift of mindfulness. We have an easy onboarding process and recommend best practices to you.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise

Get data insights

Get access to your team’s wellness data every quarter or on demand with the paid plan for Zenbase Culture+.

Zenbase Culture+ Verified Business Badge

Benefits to your company

Zenbase Business Badge.

Compassion and Connection.

More With $99/month.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise


Quarterly Wellness Reports.

Free Mindfulness Library.

Employee Stickiness.

Zenbase Culture+ For Enterprise


Your Data on Demand.

Zenbase Verified Business.

Better Employee Retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your team and we’ll take care of the rest! Accounts will be created for your entire organization. We’ll securely provide log-in information for each of your team members. Log-in details can be edited by individuals at a later time in the Account section of Zenbase.

Yes it does! The paid plan for Zenbase Culture+ unlocks access for unlimited employees.

The paid plan for Zenbase Culture+ offers insights into your wellness data on demand, includes additional Game-Fi elements designed to make mindfulness sticky, and tells the world you care about your employees by being a Zenbase Verified Business.

The free plan for Zenbase Culture+ offers employee wellness data at the end of every quarter and includes all the non-premium features of Zenbase. The free plan does not include the Zenbase Verified Business Badge.

The paid plan for Zenbase Culture+ begins as soon as it is purchased and is set to auto-renew monthly until the subscription has been canceled.

After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to a next steps page where you will be provided instructions for getting started. You will send us your list of eligible team member email addresses. As soon as the file is received, we will create accounts and deliver the log-in information securely to you. You will also be offered suggestions for how to communicate the onboarding process with your employees.

Yes we do! We want to ensure your organization has a smooth transition to becoming more mindful. Details regarding best practices to get your team set up will be included after checkout.

Zenbase Culture+ offers various wellness data points. Employers will be able to see the company’s total time spent on mindfulness, drill down on individual team member stats, view happiness and satisfaction levels, view which employees are most active, see who in your organization practices mindfulness together, and much more.

We accept PayPal and major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, & American Express).

Zenbase Culture+ is contract-free! You and your team can be set up on Zenbase in less than 24 hours. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time before the next billing cycle.

We’d be happy to offer you the opportunity to explore the paid plan for Zenbase Culture+ for 14 days.