Zenbase Earning Teams

Earning Teams

Health is wealth and we aspire to make all our users healthy. Meditation, grounding, and ESP training are all therapeutic techniques offered by Zenbase that can massively improve your mental well-being and reward you with Zentoken.

Zenbase Releases to the App Store

Zenbase Releases to the App Store

Zenbase has officially launched on the Apple App Store. Anyone can now meditate for free on the platform and earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Zenbase Raises Pre-seed Round

Zenbase Raises a Pre-Seed Round

We are excited to share that Zenbase has secured its first round of pre-seed funding at a $3MM valuation cap to help bring mindfulness to the masses.

Meditate and Earn Crypto

Meditate and Earn Zentoken

Zenbase motivates users to listen to the content by offering cryptocurrency token payments for the time they spend listening to content.